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Marine boat fender

Marine boat fenders are some kind of rubber fenders that be installed on workboats, these fenders must work harder,for longer and under more extreme conditions than any other fender types.There are mainly four types of fenders,each type serving a particular application.

1.Cylindrical boat fenders

Cylindrical boat fenders are fitted to the bow and stern of of tug boats, they are usually used as pushing fenders.Their circular shape makes them ideal when working with large bow flares .but they ae also suited to pushing flat sided vessels. Cylindrical boat fenders have a wide range dimensions and can be curved in any length as required.

2.M boat fenders

M fenders are also used for pushing.They have a large and flexible contact face which exerts a low pressure during push.The grooved profile gives extra grip and the triple legs give a strong attachment to workboats.

3. W boat fenders

W boat fenders are made for the most extreme operation conditions.It has unique open bore design which makes installtation very simple,the flexible legs allow it to be curved around most hull shapes.

4. Block boat fenders

Block fenders are ideal options for heavy duty applications, there have gooved and flat face two types. Where very low friction is needed, they can also be made with integal UHMWPE faces.

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