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          Sliding dock fender

Sliding dock fender


HDPE sliding dock fender is a superior alternative to timber and other facing materials and have many uses in waterway, habour and ship construction. HDPE is especially usedful when low friction contact during docking and mooring is advantageous.​ Unlike timber, HDPE sliding fender does not decayor rot,and is unaffected by marine borers.It is grain-free so will not splinter or crush, and can be cut, drilled ,machined and curved.

HDPE sliding fender is an environmentally friendly material and can be total recycled at the end of it service life. As as substitute for tropical hardwoods, HDPE sliding fenders last longer and reduce dependence on increasingly scarce natural resource


Does not decay or rot

​Resistant to marine borers, algae and crustaceans

​High resistance to abrasion and wear

​Resistant to UV,climate extremes,oil spills and pollutants

​Easily machined and drilled

Wide choice of standard profiles

Extruded profile with no sharp edges

​100% recyclable


Fender pile rubbing strips

​Facing strips for jetties and wharves

​Beltings for smaller workboats

​Lock entrance and lock wall protection

​Mitres on lock gate

Property Test Method Results
Density DIN 53479 ~930 kg /m3
Molecular weight Light diffusion method ~200000 g/mol
Friction coefficient DIN53375 0.20~0.25
Yield strength DIN53455 ≥12N/mm2
Elongation at break DIN53455 ~450%
Ball indentation hardness DIN53456 ≥20N/mm2
Shore hardness DIN53505 55~60 shore D


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