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Marine fender panel



Marine fender panel is an very important compoments of fender systems,the main fuction of fender panels are used to distribute the reaction forces from the rubber units into the ship hull to lower hull pressures and cope with large tidal variations,so marine fender panels are just as important as the rubber fender bodies .They are resist combinations of bending, shear and local buckling.They can also be designed to resist line loads from belted ships, or even point loads in special cases.Optional lead-in bevels reduce the sangging risk while brackets provide highly secure connection points for chains.


Closed box structure is full sealed and welded by front and back plates as frame ,internal composed of  numbers of longitudnal and latitudanal steel beams as support. Regarding to the thickness of steel panels, International Navigation Association (PIANC) recommends 12mm as the absolute minimum when exposed to seawater on both faces, 10mm for exposure to one face and 8mm for internal sections not exposed to corrosion.


​Closedbox designs are used almost exclusively-all fully sealed and pressure checked, corrosion protection is provided by high durability C5M class paint systems to ISO 12944 and addtional corrosion allowances can be designed in where required.


Material Standard
Steel plate Q235,Q345( 8mm /10mm/12mm)
Blasting ISO12944 SA2.5
Paint ISO12944 C5M,



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